YOu're in the right place!

We’ve got some news for you—our Parker & Ace mobile app is (almost) ready for you and your best friend.
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Ready, Set, Download!

To download our new application, and continue using Parker & Ace with your current information, see below.

Maximize your Parker & Ace experience with our new app

  • Easy Access: Retrieve your pet's medical records anytime, anywhere
  • Appointment Management: Schedule, update, and view appointments at your convenience
  • In-App Notifications: Stay informed with our prompt notifications
  • Direct Communication: Chat directly with our team via Digitail

Remember: Use the same email you used to create your account to log into the app. Download now for effortless pet healthcare!

In the meantime, let's book a visit!

Need to schedule a visit for your furry friend? No problem, we're ready to lend a paw! Click the link below and we'll take it from there. Just a little 'bark' out, though: as you step into our upgraded system for the first time, you'll need to reset your password. It's a small step towards ensuring a more secure and pawsome experience for all.

If you need any assistance, give us a 'woof' at (202) 519-4817. We're all ears, always here to make your journey smooth and wag-worthy!

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Tails are Wagging for Our New Updates!

Having any 'ruff' spots understanding our updates? Reach out at (202) 519-4817 or email us at info@parkerandace.com. We're all ears, ready to make your journey through our enhancements 'purr-fectly' smooth. We're in this exciting walk together!

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