Parker & Ace payment options

We break down multiple payment options to show how veterinary care is accessible and affordable for pet parents.

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Aug 1, 2023

When it comes to taking care of our beloved pets, veterinary bills can sometimes be a concern. However, at Parker & Ace we offer multiple payment options to make veterinary care more accessible and affordable for pet parents.

We accept the following options when it comes time to pay for your Parker & Ace vet bill.

- Trupanion
- Scratchpay
- Pet Assure
- Parker & Ace membership (for complimentary exams) + telehealth appointments

First we’ll break down the various options and what we think they are best for:


What it is:

Trupanion provides medical insurance for cats and dogs—offering 90% coverage of eligible conditions*, no payout limits, vet direct pay, and one simple plan. They also pay members/customers based on their actual veterinary bill. Learn more and compare other insurance plans on their site.

What it covers:

Trupanion covers all new unexpected injuries and illnesses, including conditions most pet insurance providers don't cover:
Hereditary conditions certain breeds are prone to
Issues without an official diagnosis
Congenital conditions your pet developed at or before birth

They also cover services such as: diagnostic tests, surgeries, medications, prosthetic devices, and more. Learn more about their coverage on their website.

What it doesn’t cover:

Trupanion won’t cover wellness or exam fees

Recommended way to use it:

Pair Trupanion with your Parker & Ace membership—which features complimentary exam fees—for the best of both worlds.


What it is:

Scratchpay is a payment platform that offers financing options for veterinary care expenses. While it operates similarly to a credit card by allowing you to make payments over time, it is specifically designed for covering veterinary bills.

What it covers:

Unlike insurance, you can use Scratchpay to cover your pet's medical expenses, and then you repay that loan over a set period of time through scheduled payments. These expenses can include services like medical treatments, surgeries, medications, and other veterinary care-related expenses.

Recommended ways to use it:

Scratchpay makes it easier for pet parents to manage unexpected or larger veterinary bills—such as surgery—with their flexible payment plans and quick approval process.

Nice to know:

Pet parents can check to see which options they qualify for without affecting their credit score (they never perform a hard credit check, unlike a traditional credit card).


What it is:

Pet Assure is a veterinary discount program designed to help pet parents save money on their pets' healthcare expenses. It is not an insurance plan but rather a membership-based program that provides discounts on a wide range of veterinary services.

How it works:

Pet parents sign up for a Pet Assure membership by paying an annual or monthly fee. Once a member, they receive a Pet Assure card that they can present at participating veterinary clinics.

What it covers

When a Pet Assure member visits a participating veterinarian, they receive a discount on a variety of services, including office visits, medical procedures, surgeries, dental care, and more. The discount typically applies to the entire bill, including both routine and emergency care.

What it doesn’t cover:

Unlike traditional pet insurance, Pet Assure does not have exclusions based on pre-existing conditions, age, or breed. All pets, regardless of their health status, are eligible for discounts.

Nice to know:

In most cases, you can combine Pet Assure with pet insurance plans like Trupanion. Pet Assure and pet insurance serve different purposes, and they can complement each other to provide a more comprehensive approach to managing your pet's healthcare expenses.


One of the payment options offered by Parker & Ace is a membership plan—which includes complimentary exam fees and telehealth services—and ensures your pet receives the necessary care without the worry of additional costs.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more flexible approach, Parker & Ace also offers a pay-per-visit option. With this option, you only pay for the specific services your pet requires during each visit. Exam fees for this option start at $100, allowing you to tailor your payments based on your pet's unique needs. This payment option is ideal for those who may not require frequent veterinary visits or prefer to have more control over their expenses.


Routine care + unexpected incident

By combining Pet Assure with pet insurance like Trupanion, you can potentially achieve a more comprehensive level of coverage for your pet's healthcare needs:

Routine Care: You can use your Pet Assure membership to get discounts on routine care expenses, such as annual check-ups, dental cleanings, and vaccinations.

Accidents and Illnesses: Pet insurance like Trupanion can help cover the costs of unexpected accidents and illnesses, providing reimbursement for eligible treatments and procedures.

Routine care (including cleaning & vaccinations)

Routine Care: You can use your Parker & Ace membership for complementary office visits, and supplement any dental cleanings or vaccination fees with Pet Assure discounts and/or pet insurance.

Keep in mind: Some pet insurance plans, including Trupanion, offer optional add-ons or riders that cover certain preventive care services like vaccinations, dental cleanings, and wellness exams. If you choose this coverage, it can help offset routine care costs.

Unexpected incident: Emergency care

If your pet requires immediate and costly emergency medical treatment or surgery, Scratchpay provides a way to cover those expenses without having to pay the full amount upfront.

If you're facing a temporary financial challenge but want to ensure your pet receives the necessary care, Scratchpay can provide a solution to spread out payments.

With personalized treatment plans, vets who go above and beyond, a cozy, stress-free environment, and multiple payment options, Parker & Ace aims to provide the best possible care for your furry friends.